Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Natter #1

I've had such a busy week so have been absent from blogger, sorry all! Havent found the time between college work and actual work! So i thought i'd fill you in the weekly activities!

Been working maaaad over time! i'm talking twelve hour shifts up in here! I work at Budgens part time near where i live and i asked for a little over time and they went completely overboard and gave me an extra twenty odd hours, i don't mind just can't wait for pay day ;)

College has been full of essays and plenty of stress, just what a girl needs so I've been up to my ears in essays and assessments. I'm doing my A2 Sociology and "Society, Health and Development Level 3" which is equivilant to 3 and a half A levels and extended project so I've been exhausted!

I've also been offered a new job yaaaaay!
Working for my college as support staff for the special needs learners at my college and i can't wait! It's going to be amazing and i'll be sure to blog about my experience!

And I'm a bit of a piercing freak i have to admit, this week i got my rook pierced! WOW, i have never felt pain like that before! I just love piercings! I have two lobes, my rook, the back of my neck and i used to have my wrist but it get very infected so it was best i look it out. Link me yaa freaky piercings! Love seeing new ones!

And now for the nails, I thought I'd show you my autumn nails inspired by the "onesie" i got from Primark! So lovely and cosy i thought i'd copy the pattern and change it up a little :D

Thanks for reading loves!
Promise to blog more this week


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