Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Simple Angles

Hello all!

I needed something quick and simple to do, this took my only ten minutes really with a No7 kit my friend got me for my birthday a few weeks ago.

I used "313HH" by No7, Silver glitter nail art pen by No7 and a Black nail art pen by No7

It was really simple and dried really quickly. I've never used No7 Nail varnish before, it was average really. Nothing amazing but i do really like the colour. It was thick so that's always good :)

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, 26 December 2011

Bio Oil #1

I've been using Bio Oil on my skin for the past week. I've used it as a moisturiser for my face, on my scar and as a body lotion.

Here's the affect on my scar:

Its quite hard to tell the difference in only one week and the photo isn't that good but its clearer to see in person. I massaged it in twice a day and it seems less pink a lot more moisturised. I'm looking forward to seeing the results further down the line. Its been working really well. 

As a moisturiser on my face i was a little worried about using it but its worked out pretty well. i haven uneven skin tone and it hasn't given me any spots. it actually been a really good base for make up which completely surprised me. 

Its a good body moisturiser, i prefer using coca butter or something though. I've been a little rashy on the top of my arms so I'll use it for one more week to see if anything improves.

Have any of you used Bio Oil? 
Thanks for reading loves


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter Wonderland

Tis the season but tisn't the place!

Last week i went to Winder Wonderland in Hyde Park with my college for our Christmas trip for the day and i have to say, it wasn't what i expected at all!
We went via coach paid for by the college and it really was disappointing and so expensive!
Food and drink is roughly £4 from anywhere you go, all rides are £4 with the exception of the big wheel which is a tenner! The Ice skating is twelve pound for just under an hour and you have to pay to put your things away.

I'm so glad it was free for my college, although i did enjoy some Bailey's Hot Chocolate! Definitely warmed me up! And there's a photo of me and my friends ice skating above (I'm in the orangy cloak thingy in case you've never seen me before).

It was an okay day out but i really don't recommend it unless you have lots of money to spare, which isn't easy this time of year and are willing to be freezing cold all day.

Sorry, mowny blog!
Thanks for reading


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Stripe Nails

Hello loves,

I wanted to do something a little different so i painted these stripey nails:
 I used Mushroom by Barry M, Black by Miss Sporty, Yellow by George Asda and Snow White by Models Own. 

A little smudged and a little blurry, i really should use my camera to take pictures of them. It was a little tricky but i loved doing them! 

Thanks for reading 


Monday, 19 December 2011

Bio Oil

Every Monday I've decided to review a product, for the next few weeks i'll be reviewing Bio Oil. I have a few scars I'd like to get rid of, especially the one from where i had my wrist pierced. I took the piercing out a while ago and I'm sick of seeing the horrid scar its left behind. 
I was torn between using Bio Oil or Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil but decided Bio Oil has been around longer and a few friends recommended it. 
I'm going to apply the oil two times a day and will post a picture every week, this is the starting photo:

As well as putting it on my scar I'm going to put it all over my body to see what else it can do. 
I look forward to seeing the results,

Thanks for reading loves



I've been so bad for not blogging, definitely on the naughty list so I'm creating a schedule for what my blogs will be about each week, make it a bit more regular ;) 

Monday - Product review 
Tuesday/Wednesday - Nail art!
Friday/Saturday - Anything that takes my fancy  
Sunday - Sunday Natter 

Right, I'm sticking to my schedule, i think it may be my new years revolution! 

I'll be blogging soon! Promise 


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Jungle Fever Nails

Hello all!

Anyone been watching "I'm a Celeb"?! I certainly have! It's inspired me to do a few nail art jungle ones ;)
So here's my zebra print!

I used Model's Own Snow White and the Model's Own Nail Art Pen in Black

And here's my cheetah print!

I mixed the orangy brown colour underneath! I really wanted the colour to be perfect, thought i got it pretty spot on - oop 'scuse the pun! I mixed Bourjouis' Jaune and Mushroom by Barry M. I then used mushroom again for the spots and the Model's Own Nail Art Pen! 

So theres my jungle fever nails :)
Thanks for reading


Monday, 21 November 2011

Sunday Natter (On monday)

Hello all!
I hope you are well, I'm slacking so much in blogging so I'm setting me some ground rules and I'll keep regular blogging. Might even have to start scheduling them so i don't become a failure!

So it was Children in Need on Friday which is always a great show and for such a great cause. Over the past few weeks me and the girls in my class have been planning to raise money through a bake sale and dressing up!
It was last Monday and we raised £123.78!
It was an Alice in Wonderland theme and we all dressed as characters or in pyjamas! We all dressed up and it was pretty successful to be honest! Proud of the team :D

(there i am in my purple onesie and leather jacket)

Did any of you do anything to raise money?
Thanks for readngs loves


Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembrance Day Nails

It's remembrance day today and i thought I'd do my nails as poppies and decorate my poppy with glitter :)
Here's my nails

They re a little bit messy, much harder to do then i expected. I used Models Own Snow White, Knockout Red by 17 and Black by Miss Sporty then a regular top coat :)
And here's the poppy: 

I saw all them poppies on X factor and Strictly and wanted one and discovered they were priced between £70 to £600. Instead of breaking my bank i thought I'd decorate my own with PVA Glue and Glitter

Thanks for reading lovesss

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Natter #1

I've had such a busy week so have been absent from blogger, sorry all! Havent found the time between college work and actual work! So i thought i'd fill you in the weekly activities!

Been working maaaad over time! i'm talking twelve hour shifts up in here! I work at Budgens part time near where i live and i asked for a little over time and they went completely overboard and gave me an extra twenty odd hours, i don't mind just can't wait for pay day ;)

College has been full of essays and plenty of stress, just what a girl needs so I've been up to my ears in essays and assessments. I'm doing my A2 Sociology and "Society, Health and Development Level 3" which is equivilant to 3 and a half A levels and extended project so I've been exhausted!

I've also been offered a new job yaaaaay!
Working for my college as support staff for the special needs learners at my college and i can't wait! It's going to be amazing and i'll be sure to blog about my experience!

And I'm a bit of a piercing freak i have to admit, this week i got my rook pierced! WOW, i have never felt pain like that before! I just love piercings! I have two lobes, my rook, the back of my neck and i used to have my wrist but it get very infected so it was best i look it out. Link me yaa freaky piercings! Love seeing new ones!

And now for the nails, I thought I'd show you my autumn nails inspired by the "onesie" i got from Primark! So lovely and cosy i thought i'd copy the pattern and change it up a little :D

Thanks for reading loves!
Promise to blog more this week


Friday, 4 November 2011

Sorry For the Silence!

I haven't blogged in over a week or looked at anyone elses!
Sorry guys, been mad busy with work and college i'll do a catch up blog tomorrow or sunday!

Sorry lovess


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Halloween Nails

I'm not a massive fan of Halloween, i like dressing up, i mean who doesn't but I'm such a wimp when it comes to scary movies and stories! Everyone is doing Halloween nails so i thought I'd join in and do some zombie/Frankenstein nails.
I used a strange green for George, Asda, Models Own Black Nail Art, 17 Red and Models Own White.

Sorry the pictures a bit blurry!
Thanks for reading, and I'd love to see your Halloween nails 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Textured Nails

Firstly, thankyou soo much for following and i love reading all your blogs too! This is so exciting!
And now onto the nails!

I made these nails after looking a some leggings believe it or not, they were wet look leggings with cotton sections that weren't wet and looked amazing with the gold shoes the model was wearing. So i decided to do a matte black with a shiny cross and little gold studs.

I used Matte Black by George, Asda, Black by Miss Sporty and Gold by Barry M.
I loved the effect it gave, black nails with a textured twist!

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Space Nails

For soo long I've tried to do space nails and think i finally got it, the photo is a bit blurry but i think this is the best space nails I've done. Using a sponge, tooth pic and different layers of nail varnish i managed to create this space/nebula nail effect.
I used black by Miss sporty, Snow White by Models Own, Jaune trendy by Bourjois, Shocking Pink by Barry M, True Blue by 17 and a glittery top coat that's so old it doesn't have a name or anything haha! Then Nailene Acrylic Strong top coat.

The photo is a little blurry and its taken me ages to be able to do this so I'm quite happy with the way its turned out!
Have you done any space nails? I'd love to see them!
Thanks for reading


Monday, 17 October 2011

Bow Nails

The other day i really wanted to do a cute girly peachy bow nail design so i had a look through my nail varnishes and found "Peach Melba" by Barry M which i absolutely LOVE! I used my black nail art pen to do the lines and a sliver shimmer colour from Miss Sporty. I used a matte top coat that i got from ASDA so it really was a cheap nail design aha! Hope you like it


Sunday, 16 October 2011

I pledge allegiance to the blog...

I'm serious about it this time, i'm going to blog at least three times a week and keep up to date, not like last time oops!
i promise <3 

I plan on blogging about my nail art and anything really that happens to me aha, so please follow!