Monday, 21 November 2011

Sunday Natter (On monday)

Hello all!
I hope you are well, I'm slacking so much in blogging so I'm setting me some ground rules and I'll keep regular blogging. Might even have to start scheduling them so i don't become a failure!

So it was Children in Need on Friday which is always a great show and for such a great cause. Over the past few weeks me and the girls in my class have been planning to raise money through a bake sale and dressing up!
It was last Monday and we raised £123.78!
It was an Alice in Wonderland theme and we all dressed as characters or in pyjamas! We all dressed up and it was pretty successful to be honest! Proud of the team :D

(there i am in my purple onesie and leather jacket)

Did any of you do anything to raise money?
Thanks for readngs loves


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  1. Well done on raising so much! I know how you feel about blogging, I'm awful for not posting very often!