Monday, 26 December 2011

Bio Oil #1

I've been using Bio Oil on my skin for the past week. I've used it as a moisturiser for my face, on my scar and as a body lotion.

Here's the affect on my scar:

Its quite hard to tell the difference in only one week and the photo isn't that good but its clearer to see in person. I massaged it in twice a day and it seems less pink a lot more moisturised. I'm looking forward to seeing the results further down the line. Its been working really well. 

As a moisturiser on my face i was a little worried about using it but its worked out pretty well. i haven uneven skin tone and it hasn't given me any spots. it actually been a really good base for make up which completely surprised me. 

Its a good body moisturiser, i prefer using coca butter or something though. I've been a little rashy on the top of my arms so I'll use it for one more week to see if anything improves.

Have any of you used Bio Oil? 
Thanks for reading loves


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