Thursday, 22 December 2011

Winter Wonderland

Tis the season but tisn't the place!

Last week i went to Winder Wonderland in Hyde Park with my college for our Christmas trip for the day and i have to say, it wasn't what i expected at all!
We went via coach paid for by the college and it really was disappointing and so expensive!
Food and drink is roughly £4 from anywhere you go, all rides are £4 with the exception of the big wheel which is a tenner! The Ice skating is twelve pound for just under an hour and you have to pay to put your things away.

I'm so glad it was free for my college, although i did enjoy some Bailey's Hot Chocolate! Definitely warmed me up! And there's a photo of me and my friends ice skating above (I'm in the orangy cloak thingy in case you've never seen me before).

It was an okay day out but i really don't recommend it unless you have lots of money to spare, which isn't easy this time of year and are willing to be freezing cold all day.

Sorry, mowny blog!
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